Advertising Opportunities

Rug Sponsorship

Companies wishing to become involved with sponsoring the club's ponies will be able to sponsor the rugs. The rugs will be used regularly before and after lessons, chukkas and matches but they will not be on the horses in the field and so will be kept dry and clean.


To the left is a picture of Alcapone, owned by Leadenham Polo Club, winning the best playing pony rug at Beverly Polo Club in 2013. This gives you an idea of the kind of rug you will be sponsoring and the sort of space you will have to work with. The main spaces are on each side of the horse and you can see that there is plenty of room for a company name and logo.

Advertising Boards and Banners

The arena's and the tournament field, Ground One, are open for sponsorship with the use of advertising banners and boards. The boards around the arena will be a joint sponsorship of Triskelion Polo Club and of Grenaby Estates Equestrian Centre who both use the arena. This will be where polo lessons, club chukkas, club matches and exhibition matches take place as well as being used by Grenaby Estates for shows, competitions and lessons.


The Summer season will be played at the club's grounds in Ballaugh, and so this is another opportunity for sponsorship with potential for banners being placed around the edge of the field. There is also the possibility for the transferral of a board from the wall of the arena to the edge the pitch when the seasons change.

Saddle Blankets

Saddle blankets are another great way for a company to become involved in sponsoring the club ponies. A saddle blanket is a pad that goes in-between the saddle and the horses' back to give comfort and stop rubs. Due to the shape of the saddle, there is an exposed area behind the leg of the player which is ideal for a sponsor to work with.

Event Sponsorship.

Sponsoring events can be a great way to get your brand seen. Triskelion Polo Club will be hosting a variety of events including tournaments, exhibition games, balls, dinner dances and much more. This provides a great opportunity for your company to pick the event that will best suit your image and your brand which is conveyed to the people you want to reach. Sponsorship of an event can be by one company or several with a title sponsor. The event title will bare the name of the headline or sole sponsor for example "The BCD Limited Triskelion Polo Club Ball" or "The BCD Limited Isle of Man Polo Festival". You can also expect to have your company name  to be mentioned frequently throughout the event, space for your advertisements, a company representative doing presentations and others to suit your requirements. We welcome input from sponsors on how they would like to be represented in an event please put forward any queries you may have.

Team Sponsorship

The sponsorship of the Triskelion Polo Teams is one of the more direct ways to bring your brand into polo. The team will bare the name of your company. The team shirt designs will have your input and you will be able to make use of any advertising space on the shirts. This means that any pictures or coverage of the team and their exploits will bare the name of your company. Members of Triskelion Polo Club will be entering teams in tournaments in England and further afield. Sponsorship of these travelling teams will be used to subsidise the cost of members playing and to cover the extra cost of travelling the horses.  This is also a great chance to expand your company name past our boarders and onto the mainland.

Sponsorship packages are tailored to your budget please see the "contact us" tab to get your quote today

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