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Triskelion Polo Club was established in October 2014 by brothers Cameron and Frazer Houston at the amazing arena polo facilities of Grenaby Estates Equestrian Centre. Starting with only 9 horses and the club doing so well, they had to expand their string only two months into opening.

Now 5 years later with close to 40 horses, regular tournaments, lessons and events, the home of polo on The Isle of Man moved to the new grounds at Ballacooiley, Ballaugh. The new summer polo fields boast two playing fields and a stick and ball field, and with paddocks and large turnout on site.

The club is dedicated to the development of its members and its main focus is making it a safe and exciting place to learn and progress in polo. With our HPA (Hurlingham Polo Association) qualified coach Cameron, lessons are always available for the complete beginners to intermediate riders, they have a wide variety of well schooled ponies to suit anyone wanting to try their hand at this exciting sport.

With the new grounds comes breath taking scenery making it the perfect place to host private engagements such as; corporate events, birthdays and weddings. 

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July 18th and 19th - Dowry Farm Jug

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Ramsey Crookall League Results

1st  Complete Plumbing Solutions 11 - 1

2nd  Celtic Crusaders 9 - 3

3rd  Manx Travel 6 - 6 - 1

4th  Foraging Vintners 5 - 6 - 1

5th  Panteras 5 - 7

6th  R'n'R 4 - 6 - 2

7th  Muddy Rugs 12 - 0

Top Goal scorer: Stu Bainborough 96 Goals

The Ramsey Crookall Super League

Complete Plumbing Solutions indeed had all the solutions when it came to winning their matches with 11 wins and 1 loss on the season. Stu and Katie were a great pair and its awesome to see somebody go from "Most Promising Newcomer" one year to Super League top goal scorer the next. Being the person who picked him for "Most promising Newcomer" I am delighted to say: I told you so. Massive well done to Katie who was the other side to this winning coin as their fantastic team work was the foundation to their season.

Special shout out to my team mate, Iain. We gave it a good shot; we came up short but I had a cracking time doing it with you. Iain read the space well and every time I was swamped by would-be tacklers, I just had to rip it down the arena and there he was... scoring! 

I feel an honourable mention to Becky, Reggie and Zevi who each had incredible seasons pushing their handicaps up by the week and blasting goals for fun. Becky's Field Marshal like game management and tactics, Reggie's tenacious and frankly frustrating marking and Zevi's "Messi-esqu" dribbling skills. Were there an MVP award, these three would be my picks.

The league was blessed with 3 huge improvers as well. Mel Tymm massaged to go from something close to what I imagine my first attempt using a water jetpack would be like to an absolutely rapid and exciting goal machine on her new pony, Missionaria. Alistair Wood came up from the Novice League and his polo “bromance” with team mate, Mark Copley, continued to blossom and did his genuine talent for playing the sharp and responsive ponies. Rachel Bainborough managed to shed her attachment to her “ol’ faithful” Ranger and get some cracking polo in on 4 different horses including an 11 goal effort on Woody.

Another Super League and Novice League season ends and the new champions are crowned... although the crowning itself will be belated as will customary Foraging Vintners Rhubarb Fizz fuelled party celebrating them. That said, please feel absolutely free to put your hands together as I lead you through the best points of the winter even though you are most likely social distancing in you home right now and doing so may draw some strange looks from your partner or children.

Celtic Associates Novice League Results

1st  Ramsay Crookall 4 - 1 (GD +10)

2nd  Equisilva 4 - 1 (GD +5)

3rd  Celtic Colts 2 - 3

4th  Strand Veterinary Practice 2 - 3

5th  Ballahias Broncos 2 - 3

6th  Chicks and Sticks 1 - 4

Top Goal scorer: Geoff Tinkler 17 Goals

The Celtic Associates Novice League

As with every year the novice league was full of highs, big moments for individuals and teams. Lots of these moments and achievements came from the efforts of the club’s bumper crop of new players taking up the mallet.

The final week was one of the most exciting we’ve had in the history of the club with 3 games left and 4 teams in with a chance of winning based on extremely convoluted “what if” scenarios of winning by X number of goals while rivals lose by Y goals. Ramsey Crookall’s win on Tuesday night left Equisilva needing to win by 6 goals on Friday night in a dramatic show down. This 6 goal margin proved to be too much however as they won but not by enough to take the league.

Hats off to the winners Ramsay Crookall for a fine display all season and their only loss came when two third of the team were replaced by substitutes after Joanna’s unfortunate fall and Africa coming off second best in a fight with a hockey ball.

During the league, a trio of guys with no previous riding experience emerged and proved that you can just hop on and get stuck in. David anchored the Celtic Colts well and had a real knack for last minute saves on the goal line as well cranking the professionalism to maximum by inventing a series of codes for set play moves. Matthew’s perma-smile and backing up proved him to be one of the best team mates as well as one of the biggest improvers coming from two falls in his first practice to coming within a slim goal difference of winning the league. Geoff Tinkler managed to shake his love/hate relationship with the rules (mostly hate at one point) to become the leagues top goal scorer with is a massive achievement for somebody who hadn’t ridden before October. With each of these players, a lifetime supply of mints is due to Pancha who heroically took these guys into battle and was responsible for a lot of the improvements they made.

A special well done to Millie and Africa showed Alan Hanson to be an idiot regardless of sport. Africa was somewhere between an awesome up and coming player and an exoset missile astride the machine that is Woody. 11 year old Millie made her mark on the league with a bunch of great performances with plenty of goals as well as learning to get aggressive in her tackles. Big thanks to Lucy and Jo who both make their daughters polo possible.

I couldn’t possible mention everyone but a last special shout out to the guys who might not be the top goal scorers or getting the big exciting hits but as a coach, I see the massive contribution you make to your team. Francesca was a vital cog in the winning Ramsey Crookall machine with just tons of defending and backing up. She gave it a seriously good go at getting the flashy canter goals though! Ciera, Leah, Sarah, Deanna, Alice and Jen all and great seasons and were vital to their team.

You guys were awesome and when the covid-lockdown is over I cannot wait to introduce you to summer polo.

It really was an awesome season guys. Please raise your glass (because day drinking is fine during lockdown) to yourselves, the other players, Freyja, Chloe, Katie, everyone who helped time keep, everyone who umpired, everyone who helped rake, harrow and roll the arena and all of the horses who played so hard and so well all season.

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